The Grace I Never Knew

One Man's Journey to Finding True Grace

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About the Author

Mathew’s passion is to remind his audience about God’s Kingdom, and that we are all part of a Kingdom and Culture where God is a good God and God is madly in love with its citizens. God’s agape love gave us a King Jesus Christ who is the head of this Kingdom. Their teaching reminds the believers about their identity in Christ and empowers them to live their lives to the fullest God given potential.

Pastors Mathew is a graduate of the Church of God Ministerial Internship Program. Mathew is also an Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God. Mathew is a Counselor certified by American Association of Christian Counselors. He is married to Sweet Soffee and blessed with four children, Remarkable Rebekah, Smart Sarah, Happy Hannah, and Sharp Samuel, and two Super son-in-law’s, Ben and David and two God-given grandchildren, Joseph and Luke.

About The Book

God has already promised you and made a way for you to have an abundant and happy life in Christ!

Just like you can be inside a grocery store and still go hungry, you can be in church all of your life and still miss Jesus.

Mathew Joseph, a Pastor’s Kid, writes about his journey in finding true grace; the kind that he never knew growing up in church. He shares how he ultimately learned to understand and experience true grace resulting in uncommon blessings!
In this book, you will discover that: 

None of these gifts can be earned! All of these gifts are yours when you believe, receive, and accept God’s precious gift of Jesus Christ into your heart freely. God has already promised you and even made a way for you to have an abundant and happy life in Christ! 

The quality of your life depends on how you receive and use these gifts in your life. It starts in your mind. The way you believe and accept these gifts, in your mind, will drive your attitude and behavior. It will also create an awesome environment for you to thrive and experience


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