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About The Angel Fund

Occasionally rescue cats are in need of unexpected surgeries and other treatments. The Angel Fund is dedicated to care for the most urgent cases that arrive at Town Cats requiring extra medical care.

Fundraiser for Town cats of Morgan Hill Angel Fund.

DONATION Accepted at Town cats of Morgan Hill.

31-1580952 tax ID.

Town Cats of Morgan Hill works to alleviate the suffering of stray, abandoned, unwanted and feral cats in Santa Clara County and serve as advocates for all cats. Town Cats has rescued, helped, and adopted out thousands of friendly cats to loving families.

Lunch & Learn:

Topic: The Perfect Score
How to Get an 800 Credit Score.

Date: Wednesday, December 12

Time: 12-1 PM

Place: 123 We Fix Credit
1900 Camden Ave., Ste. 101C
San Jose, CA 95124-2944


This month’s Lunch & Learn is a Fundraiser for Town Cats of Morgan Hill Angel Fund. In this season of giving we want to encourage our friends and family to give something for animal rescue. Care about cats? Some are really struggling. By some estimates between 60 and 100 million homeless cats live in the U.S. Every little bit helps.

Our topic for this discussion is a how-to on getting the perfect credit score. Especially for those of us interested in getting into our next home or new car, a good credit score not only can make a difference in whether or not you qualify, but also what rate and in some cases how long you’ll be paying for that loan. A good credit score can save tens of thousands in interest fees over the life of the loan.

Are you in search of the Perfect Score? In general personal FICO-based Credit Scores range from 300 to 850. Is an 800 Credit Score even possible? Of course it is! Roughly 20% of Americans today have a FICO score above 800. You may be wondering who are they, and how they got there.

In this Lunch & Learn we will reveal some of the key strategies and tips for Credit Repair to Improve your Credit Score fast.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. There is no guarantee for specific results.

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