A Good Credit Score is helpful for so many things, from home mortgages and auto loans to business and personal loans, and even better vacations.  Good Credit can be something to fall back on when there’s a medical emergency in your family, to stretch your budget in between paydays, or when your in between jobs.  And of course the points and rewards are a fun benefit to enjoy, especially when you learn to use them strategically.  This credit score resources page is designed to be like a toolbox of tips to help build your credit, and offer a little financial education in a fun way about how credit works, and how to make your credit work for you.

Today's Mortgage Rate


What is today’s 30 year fixed mortgage interest rate?  This page shows current mortgage rates, and APR.  Find out the latest mortgage trends, and historical rates with easy to read graphs.

Mortgage Calculator


Super easy, fast Mortgage Calculator to save money on your new home loan or refinance based on your Credit Score.  Current rates, interest, and APR.  Calculate your monthly payment for 30 year fixed, 15 year fixed, 5/1 ARM, and VA loans.

Credit Score Blog


How your Credit Score is determined is not straight forward.  Our Credit Score Blog give you tips and tricks on Credit Repair and how to maximize Credit benefits and rewards as you build your Credit.  Read helpful articles and see fun videos that reveal Credit industry secrets and Credit Score improvement hacks.

Credit Score Gallery


Check out Credit Score images, pictures and info graphics.  See in a nutshell how to boost your credit, and how bad credit may be affecting your life.  Get inspired by our budgeting ideas gallery.  Learn how to improve your credit score fast! 

Using Credit Score Resources …

Regardless of where you are in life, your credit score may be holding you back.  Take charge of your credit, take charge of your life.  A few course corrections and simple financial health practices can make all the difference.

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